Cyber Insurance for Business

Data breaches come with the territory when you own or operate a business.  Even the best network security and anti-virus measures do not immunise your business from viruses and hackers. Some examples of where your business may be vulnerable are:

  • Dependence on a live web presence for generating revenue through e-commerce or e-tailing
  • Storing, sourcing or receiving personal information on or via a computer system or network
  • The simple act of sending an email or attachment  runs the risk of disclosing confidential information or transmitting a virus

Traditional insurance policies may not respond to many of the risks associated with virtual assets and liabilities.  Confidential business or client data being leaked or compromised can have very expensive connotations such as the cost of data recovery, system reconstruction, damage to reputation, liability to third parties or an exposure of information to competitors. 

Cyber Insurance provides comprehensive cover for claims arising out of a ‘cyber event’, such as;

  • A breach of security on your computer network (this could be a hacker or a disgruntled employee)
  • A computer virus disrupting your network
  • Accidental damage to hardware on your network that causes a loss of data
  • A breach of privacy (such as losing or having stolen private or confidential information i.e. your clients’ information)
  • A breach of any privacy regulations

Whether you are a business that operates a simple network of PCs or a company that manages a complex social media or e-tailing operation, Cyber Insurance is both relevant and available to you and the pricing will be structured to fit your risk profile with cover more affordable now than ever before.

One key benefit of Cyber Insurance is the access to a panel of professionals who are available to provide 24/7 reaction to system security, data recovery, crisis management, public relations and legal advice. Would you know where to turn if struck by an incident today?

There are a number of Cyber Insurance policies available n New Zealand and not all provide equal cover. Therefore, it’s important to have an independent expert assist you in deciding on an appropriate solution for your individual risks.

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